About Univar Agriculture

Univar Agriculture is a division of parent company Univar, the global leader in the chemical distribution industry since 1924.

We are a distributor of chemistry and related innovative products and services in Canada. For over 50 years, we have been a fixture in Canada’s agricultural market place. We proudly partner with independent agricultural retailers, providing the products, expertise and support for them to succeed in a highly competitive environment.

Univar Agriculture provides crop protection, seed and nutrient products and services to the cereal, oilseed, specialty crop and horticultural markets as well as related specific seed varieties. We provide segments of the crop protection industry with warehousing, logistics and distribution and production services through the Future Transfer business unit. Products for vegetation management in forestry, industrial sites and rights-of-way are provided by Univar Environmental Sciences.

At Univar, we offer more than just the right product; we provide countless educational resources 24/7 with CropWeb.com and various tools to help ensure independent retailers remain the supplier of choice for Canadian growers.