The AgChemExpert CropWizard is a sophisticated, feature-rich program that gives you full control to select crop type(s), weed type(s), disease type(s), insect type(s), tank mix details and many other agronomic resource features. This section of the site empowers AgChemExpert members with an industry leading advantage to find the pesticide(s) specifically tailored to your agricultural needs in a timely fashion & with extreme detail, all within a few clicks of a button.

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Tom Wolf's Den

Explore & research not only what to apply but how to apply it correctly. Utilize the application advice provided within the videos & research papers provided here to increase your productivity, protect our environment and dial in your precision with state-of-the-art application advice from Tom. With over 26 years of professional experience, Tom Wolf - Ph.D. Agronomy -Spray Application Technology, will provide you with all the tools and tricks needed to get the job done correctly!

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Require further information? The Resources section of AgChemExpert provides you with a vast directory of cheat sheets & detailed information to help you save you time and money! Utilize the various sections such as when to spray, print off crop scouting forms, information on water quality, compare glyphosate products, compare alternative products, conversions & calculators, off label but supported tank mixes, resistance management and much, much more! Work smarter, not harder!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need special software in order to use the AgChemExpert?

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    No, being an entirely internet based service, as long as you have an internet connection / data services, you'll have access to your account. There are no downloads required (no risk of viruses).
  • Do I need an internet connection to access AgChemExpert?

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    Yes, an internet connection/data service is required in order to access your account. High speed internet is strongly recommended but not required.
  • Is there a smartphone APP for AgChemExpert?

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    Not at this time. You can still fully access our program and website from any mobile device assuming you have an internet connection/data services on your phone. By going to the AgChemExpert website and adding a shortcut on your mobile device screen. AgChemExpert performs like an APP.
  • On how many devices can I use AgChemExpert?

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    You may access/register AgChemExpert on up to 3 different devices (e.g. 1 Smartphone, 1 laptop and 1 home PC). AgChemExpert is a fee for subscription internet-based program. The subscription fee grants access to the program via username and password. The user is permitted to register the use of the program on up to a maximum of 3 IP address registrations/devices.

    AgChemExpert reserves the right to monitor the username, IP address, geographical IP address registration and its members' use patterns. Only one username and password per person is permitted. Improper use of the program and/or the sharing of usernames and/or passwords with others is not permitted and will result in the termination of the subscription. In the event of improper use AgChemExpert can at its sole discretion, terminate the subscription without notice or warning and will not reimburse any paid fees. Subscription fees are non-refundable once purchased.

  • When does my subscription expire?

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    Currently subscriptions expire on the 31st of December of each year, regardless of the purchase date. This subscription price is not pro-rated.
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Features and Benefits

  • "A-C-E Advantage": AgChemExpert is capable of performing more than 13,000 possible mapping calculations between weeds, insects, diseases and chemical pairings at the click of a button and is rapidly expanding each day!. These queries often take just seconds to complete.
  • Tailored for Western Canadian Crops (Including: Spring Wheat, Durum Wheat, Barley, LL Canola, RR Canola, Clearfield Canola, Conventional Canola, Soybeans, RR Soybeans, Field Peas, Oats, Flax, Pre-Seed Barley, Pre-Seed Canola, Pre-Seed Flax, Pre-Seed Oats, Pre-Seed Field Peas, Pre-Seed Spring Wheat, Pre-Seed Durum Wheat, Pre-Seed Soybeans, Summerfallow/Chemfallow.
  • Internet-based application. This means updates are loaded, in most cases, daily.
  • Crop Wizard Program -Find your solution(s) quickly. Pick your crop, pick your pest and AgChemExpert does the rest.
  • Tom Wolf's Den - Tom Wolf Ph.D has a dedicated section on the site where his years of research in spray technology can assist you in streamlining and maximizing your spraying operation!
  • Pricing per acre for every chemical as well as how many acres each unit will treat.
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