Welcome to the new AgChemExpert!

Where did AgChemExpert go?

AgChemExpert is now part of Univar Canada and is now hosted at CropWeb.com. If you already have a subscription you can access your account at http://www.cropweb.com/agchemexpert.

Why did AgChemExpert move?

By integrating AgChemExpert into Univar’s CropWeb website it benefits from the support, IT strength and resources of Univar. This means new opportunities for AgChemExpert to develop and enhance features as it goes forward. It also provides AgChemExpert with a new permanent home. There is a bright future for the AgChemExpert you have come to depend upon!

AgChemExpert has a new look and logo! Yes, as part of the new home comes both a new look and logo.

What does this mean for AgChemExpert?

AgChemExpert will remain the industry’s leading and unbiased product selection tool that provides the fastest, detailed and accurate chemical solutions for your clients or farm. AgChemExpert will remain a subscription service.

What is CropWeb?

CropWeb is an industry leading agricultural portal with expanding agronomic, business and training tools. AgChemExpert adds to this growing list of features.

What does this mean to my subscription?

AgChemExpert will remain a subscription service and your current subscription remains in effect. All previous AgChemExpert memberships have been moved over to CropWeb Plus, however if a customer only had an AgChemExpert membership and not a CropWeb Plus membership, we were not able to seamlessly move them over to the new AgChemExpert due to Canadian privacy laws.

If you no longer have access to your existing AgChemExpert account, please register for CropWeb membership.

If you have any questions please contact us @ 1-844-424-2436