Optimum Application Timing of Insecticides for Tent Caterpillars

Monday June 12, 2017

Mr Ag Expert


What stage should I spray my tent caterpillars for the best results.

Robert, MB

Mr Ag Expert


The optimum timing to spray tent caterpillars may vary depending on the insecticide product you are using. Matador, Silencer and carbaryl all recommend application before flowering such as a Chokecherry tree and when tents are visible generally in mid to late May. Tent caterpillars are smaller at this time, not migrating and easier to kill. If you choose Orthene, Dylox or Malathion, you can apply when the insects are first present or when feeding injury is first noticed. It is important that you follow recommendation of the product’s label for optimum results.
The biological insecticide, Bacillus thuringiensis must be applied to the foliage just prior to when worms are first present or when feeding injury is first noticed for best results in control. This early application could be as early as the end of April. Since it is a live bacterium, its effectiveness will be short lived and it will have to be re-sprayed at timely intervals throughout the tent caterpillar’s larva lifecycle or until the end of June or beginning of July for optimum control.

Mr. Ag Expert

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