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Specialty Products



These specialty products provide a wide array of benefits that growers look for.
Take advantage of the post-harvest season to remind your customers to stock up.

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Granuflo T - Engage Agro

Granuflo® T is a multi-site fungicide that affects a broad range of labelled diseases. The virtually dust-free formulation inhibits spore germination and growth of mycelium while leaving significantly less residue compared to other protectants.




Calmix Pellets - NuFarm

Calmix® Pellets is a soil sterilant used to control weeds in non-crop and industrial areas.

Lorox L - Novasource

Lorox® L agricultural herbicide provides effective control of more than 20 broadleaf weeds and grasses. As a Group 7 herbicide, containing linuron, it is an important tool to break the cycle of herbicide-resistant weeds.

Princep Nine-T - Engage Agro

Princep Nine-T is a selective, residual herbicide used for                   pre-emergent control of annual broadleaf and grass weeds in asparagus, corn, berry and fruit tree crops and non-crop land areas.                  


A Group 5 herbicide, containing terbacil, Sinbar® is an important tool for managing herbicide-resistant weeds. Sinbar controls approximately 60 broadleaf weeds including several that are tolerant to glyphosate.

Trillion- NuFarm

Trillion®, a group 4 herbicide, provides superior and consistent broad-spectrum control of tough annual and perennial turf weeds. Its three-way active ingredient formulation provides strong take-down of the toughest weeds.




Dipel - NuFarm

DiPel’s superior, high potency, dry flowable formulation ensures the longest shelf life of any other Bt product on the market. It provides pest control for 200 crops while not harming beneficial insects.

Sevin - Novasource

Sevin® brand carbaryl insecticide, a Group 1A insecticide, provides broad-spectrum control of dozens of important pests including beetles, grasshoppers and worms in canola, alfalfa, corn and other crops.

Protect-It - Hedley Technologies

Protect-It® helps manage the quality of stored grains. The unique patented formulation leaves no chemical residues, eliminating insects by “super dehydration.”

Vectobac - NuFarm

VectoBac® 600L is a highly selective, biological larvicide that contains a naturally-occurring bacterium that effectively controls gnats in a safe and environmentally-friendly way.




Rozol RTU - LiphaTech

Rozol® RTU is a “ready-to-use” bait labelled for the control of ground squirrels and pocket gophers. Made with highly-palatable, feed-grade winter wheat, this weather-resistant formulation contains the proven anticoagulant chlorophacinone.



Combine - Ostrem

Combine is a specially formulated product ideally suited to improve compatibility and stability of liquid fertilizer-pesticide mixtures. It provides excellent oil emulsification and hard water compatibility while being a superior coupling agent with a high electrolyte tolerance.

Ammonium Sulphate - Ostrem

Ammonium Sulphate Solution is not just another fertilizer grade product. This product is easy to handle and easy to mix. It can be used with glyphosate type products or other herbicides where ammonium sulphate is recommended.

AGReady AG79 - EP Minerals

AGReady™ AG79 is a granular diatomaceous earth (DE) or clay drying agent and carrier. It improves water absorption and the flow of nutrients to crops. It reduces the clumping caused by humid weather while enhancing soil aeration.

Pro-surf II - Engage

Pro-Surf II is a non-ionic surfactant that reduces the surface tension of the spray droplets, causing them to flatten or spread on the leaf surface. This allows more surface area for the chemical to come in contact with the leaf.

Corncob Grit #1 - Victor Fox
Corncob particles are highly absorptive. That characteristic combined with the all-natural, inert, biodegradable and free-flowing attributes makes corncob particles an ideal carrier for feed additives and the active ingredients of insecticides and fertilizers.
AccuSeed - Tiger-Sul

AccuSeed™ bulking technology allows growers to accurately apply small seeded crops such as canola with little worry about over or under applications. AccuSeed contains 90% Sulphur that provides season-long release of plant nutrient grade sulphate, essential for plant growth and for improved nitrogen utilization.


General Storage Disinfectant - Ag Services Inc.

General Storage Disinfectant is a liquid disinfectant cleaner and deodorant that controls rot or decay of organisms in potato, vegetable and other storage areas. It effectively controls against Bacterial Ring Rot in Potato Storage area. 

Liquid Spray Tank Cleaner - Ostrem

Liquid spray tank cleaner is a specially formulated cleaner and neutralizer for spray tanks.                                                                                                                                 



Water Conditioning / Foaming Agents

 N-Force - ATP Nutrition

N-Force is a water conditioner/utility modifier that binds with hard water ions (calcium, magnesium, iron) to ensure optimal pesticidal activity in cereals, oilseeds and in pulse crops.

 pHix - Omex
As a water conditioner, pHix® is formulated with negatively charged ions that tie up positively charged minerals (Ca++, Mg++) and precipitate them from the water solution, hence leaving the glyphosate (negatively charged) entirely free. This improves the efficacy of glyphosate.
Hi Light Blue - BASF
Hi Light® Blue is an indicator that ensures an accurate and efficient spray application. Odourless and compatible with most chemicals, this temporary colourant dissipates under sunlight and moisture, and can be used with most application equipment.
Think Purity - AXSYS

Think Purity is an algaecide/bactericide designed for use in lakes, ponds, fountains and other water. It is a user-friendly method of controlling algae and bacteria.

Wavex Lake and Pond Colorant - AXSYS

Wavex Lake and Pond Colorant is a concentrated liquid formulation for use in contained lakes and ponds. It contains a blend of blue and yellow dyes to block out specific light rays critical to photosynthesis.

 No Foam - Ostrem

No Foam is a concentrated defoamer useful for controlling both air and surface foam while spraying. It performs well with all agricultural chemicals and is especially effective with thickening agents.

Agricultural Foam Plus - Ostrem

Agricultural Foam Plus is a highly stable, extra concentrated foaming agent ideally suited as marker foam. This product has a built-in water softening agent making it a safe product that will not harm vegetation, soil or equipment.





Instant Soap and Water - BASF

Instant Soap and Water® is a ready to use foaming cleanser for hands and hard surfaces.






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