It takes feet on the ground to move products.

But it takes eyes across the industry to move business forward.

A good distributor knows how to move products. You place an order; it gets delivered.

But for Univar Solutions customers, it's not just about A to B.

It's about having a person they can depend on. Someone who knows what's going on in the area. Someone who's always ready to deliver the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

So yes, we move products — more reliably and efficiently than anyone in the country. But we also leverage decades of experience in the agriculture management industry to keep our customers informed and ready for everything they're going to face.

That's why we're here, just one call or click away, to answer your questions, provide direction, and connect you to whatever it is you're looking for. So when your business depends on it, you'll know you can depend on Univar Solutions.

A Broader View of Agriculture Management

From certified agronomists to salespeople with a range of industry experience, our people are industry veterans who are always ready with real-world answers.

Of course, knowledge is not a one-way street. So we work closely with manufacturers to understand the products they make, and how they should be applied.

More Ways to Get Product Anywhere

No one makes it easier to get what you need, when you need it, than Univar Solutions. With distribution hubs and our representatives throughout Canada, we continue to build the country's most advanced distribution network.

Today Univar Solutions customers can choose from over 18,000 products across the industry - nutrients, crop protection products, and more. And everything we sell is available for purchase over the phone, by email, or even by text.

A Partner You Can Depend On

We do more than just serve the agriculture management industry — we make it a point to stay involved at every level.

In addition to our critical partnerships with manufacturers, we actively participate in policy discussions, as well as national and regional industry associations. This way, we can better understand what our customers are facing, and what we can do to help.

And because Univar Solutions is a public organization unaffiliated with any crop protection product, our customers trust we're always operating faithfully and responsibly, with the best interests of our entire industry in mind.