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Omex Agriculture Inc.

K Kicker is formulated with a high-quality suspension of NPK with a guaranteed analysis of 12-6-24 and an essential micro-package. The use of K Kicker on various crops has shown positive results in terms of reducing the effect of early-season stress and providing the extra Nitrogen needed at the peak of demand. Foliar application of K Kicker keeps the crop greener longer, optimizing photosynthesis and nutrient uptake. The high level of Potassium in K Kicker keeps water use efficiency at its highest, which translates into an optimal translocation of carbohydrate and nutrients to the sink and a yield advantage. For more information about how K-Kicker can fit into your nutrient management plan, please call 1.866.860-9660.

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Omex Agriculture Inc.
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1000L 70512

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