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For the control of Ground Squirrels and Pocket Gophers in rangelands, crop, & non-crop areas. PMRA Registration # 29545. Made with feed-grade grain, this weather-resistant formulation contains the proven anticoagulant chlorophacinone. Rozol RTU is a reliable ready-to-use bait; is more convenient and easy-to-store than do-it-yourself alternatives

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
22.7kg 791717

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Additional Information

Rozol RTU offers several key benefits:

  • Costs less than Do-it-Yourself Blends
  • Premixed for Labour Savings – Rozol RTU is “Ready-To-Use”. No more mixing, running out of grain or concentrate, or storage problems. Improve your cash flow and reduce potential waste by ordering only the bait you need when you need it.
  • Long Field Life / Season-long Acceptance – unlike strychnine that can spoil or may not be accepted by ground squirrels when other forage is available.
  • Application Flexibility – for use on rangelands, crop and non-crop areas to control ground squirrels.
  • Improve Your Cost-share / Rebate Potential – because Rozol RTU is already premixed with grain, in rural municipalities offering reimbursement: users receive a higher payment on the entire cost of a baiting program – not just reimbursement on the concentrate as with “do-it-yourself”.
  • Moisture Resistant – can be used in wet or snowy conditions without pre-baiting, unlike zinc phosphide which can “gas off” and become ineffective after exposure to moisture.
  • Consistent-blend – no risk of under/over mixing of concentrate (active ingredient). Liphatech’s rigorous quality control ensures that every kernel consumed contributes to effective rodent control.
  • Also controls pocket gophers on rangeland, non-crop areas, lawns, and golf courses.
  • Readily-available Antidote – vitamin K1. There is no antidote for strychnine or zinc phosphide.
  • Does not require the use of protective eyewear or dust mask, as with strychnine.
  • Available in 50 lb. (22.7 kg ) bags (#84332 – 40 per pallet).
  • Available in 20 lb. (9.07 kg ) pails (#84339 – 80 per pallet).

*Commercial Product: Only to be used by certified pest control operators, farmers and persons authorized in government pest control programs.