Product Details

Ground Force with active ingredient Chlorophacinone (0.005%) is a anticoagulant rodenticide proven effective for over 30 years against voles, ground squirrels, rats & mice. Formulated as a weather-resistant paraffinized pellet, Ground Force bait holds up to wet conditions before and after snow pack, reducing the chances of tree girdling, runway damage, and production losses from rodents on your property. Ground Force is a commercial product.

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
22 lbs. (10kg.) Pail STL PAIL 797222

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Additional Information

  • Chemical Class: indandione anticoagulant CAS Number: 3691-35-8
  • Bulk Density: 44 lbs./cubic foot (0.71g/ml)
  • Type/Appearance: Beige, 3/16” diameter (4.7mm) pellet. Limited dust.
  • Low water solubility - 0.013 g/L at 20°C (+/- 5)
  • Fairly nonreactive in water - pH 7 buffer: 0.3446 g/L; pH 10 buffer: 0.459 g/L
  • Bait retains the parent compound chlorophacinone (CPN) even after exposure to wet weather and moisture.
  • Moderately persistent in the soil: aerobic soil metabolism half-lives on the order of weeks.  In soil, CPN degraded to 64% CO2 @70 days.
  • Movement in the environment will be minimal while CPN is still absorbed in the bait or on eroded sediment.
  • Hydrolysis (30 days):
  • pH 5: CPN was 96% of the applied rate. Degradation: 7.7 mos. (232 days)
  • pH 7: CPN was 84-85% of the applied rate. No evidence of degradation
  • pH 9: CPN was 68-81% of the applied rate. No evidence of degradation